We are always in need of supplies. If you would like to donate and don't want to go through the trouble of buying the supplies and transporting them to the tennis center, you can donate the funds for the items here.

Giving Options

$60 Case of Balls

We go through these fast and everyone deserves to play with fresh tennis balls.

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$170 Tennis Teaching Cart

Can't have balls without a place to put them! Ball carts allow coaches to maneuver many balls easily.

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$20 25 inch Racquet

A racquet good for a 8-10 year old.

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$20 23 Inch Racquet

Racquet size ideal for a 6-8 year old.

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$50 Adult-sized Racquet

Racquet for our teens.

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$50 Grips

A bucket of 60 overgrips.

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Nonprofit Organization Donations Tax Deductible