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We are so thankful for your generious donations. Your donation will make a real difference in the lives of refugees and asylum-seekers from Muslim-majority countries. With over 120,000 Afghan refugees coming to the United States, many having arrived already, your donation is needed now more than ever. 


STABLIZE MINISTRY: The cost to establish a newly arriving refugee family or to come alongside a refugee family on the edge of financial ruin is tremendious. This year we will spend about $91,500 to provide care management to help refugees establish new homes by providing new and used household items, furniture, groceries, benevolence funds for essential items, and care. We expect to spend almost $119,000 for refugees to experience much needed restoration in 2022.


INTEGRATE MINISTRY: The cost to help refugees understand and navigate life in the US will be over $33,000 this year. However with the dramatic increase in new arriving and new refugees to VOR, the need for ESL, Integration classes, News & Culture classes, driving training and practice, job coaching, children tutoring, Discovery Bible groups, will be in greater demand in 2022. We expect to spend over $52,000 to serve refugees better understand US life in 2022.


THRIVE MINISTRY: The cost to create relationship opportunties for refugees to thrive will be about $63,000 this year. Your donation will make possible community-building experiences such as Summer Camp, English Cafe, Kids' Fun Nights, along with our large community events (Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Harvest, Women's and Men' These special moments of connection warm and open the hearts of refugees to not only us but God, expecially encouraging them in times of challenge. We expect to spend over $80,000 to provide opportunities for refugees to thrive in 2022.



Donation Levels

$2,500 Stabilize Ministry

If 50 people donated $2,500 to help refugees establish and maintain a healthy live in the US, we will be able to fully serve all the families that we expect next year.

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$1,000 Integrate Ministry

If 52 people donate 1,000 to equip refugees to understand and navigate life in the US, we will be able to fully serve all the families that we expect next year.

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$750 Thrive Ministry

If 106 people donate $750 to create opportunities for refugees to meet and build friendships with their new neighbors, we will be able to fully serve all the families that we expect next year.

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