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Congratulations, you're on your way to becoming a Published Author with a book that impact the lives of others.

Welcome to the Powerful Journey 2021 Authors Academy (formerly titled the Powerful Journey Masterclass).

I want to congratulate you on moving forward to take the next step toward becoming a Published Author.

My team and I are ready to help transfer the book that’s inside your heart to the heart of your readers.

I truly believe this book that God has placed inside of you will be the answer to someone else’s

prayer & a powerful tool and resource in their survival kit of life.

What's in the Course?

Authors Academy


 You’ll discover:

  • How to write a book that will be a change maker in the lives of others.
  • How to move from self-doubting your work to becoming a confident writer
  • How to find time to write and be held accountable
    • Learn strategies to combat writer’s block
    • Receive monthly 1-1 Accountability calls to offer assistance
  • How to create your book draft
    • How to outline and begin writing
    • We provide proof reading & editing services
  • How to pinpoint your targeted community of readers
    • Everyone is NOT your targeted audience
  • How to build and launch your personal ‘Brand’ 
    • We devote an entire class time with a Brand Specialist who will assist you in creating your own personal brand tagline and give logo ideas
  • How to choose the right book cover, title and subtitle
    • Learn to write a book blurb that draws readers to your book
  • How to write the perfect bio for your book
  • How to market and pre-sell your book
    • We provide ‘key words’ to help you get noticed in this busy world

In this 9 month course, You will become a Published Author with your book on Amazon where millions will see it.  Our classes are power-filled with valuable information, guest experts in their field, tips, interactive sessions, and much more to support, encourage, motivate and propel you forward.

We ask that you attend ALL classes. We do understand that emergencies will arrive, therefore you are asked to schedule a makeup class prior to the next scheduled class. If two or more classes are missed without scheduling a make-up class, we will recommend that you drop out of the current class and join the next set of classes (if this is a concern, please contact Phyllis Jenkins for further discussion.)

All classes are Virtual until the Pandemic is over.  

We are super EXCITED to have you!


$150 Authors Academy Monthly Tuition

We are so happy to have you join the Authors Academy. Payments are recurring and due before each class.  

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