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CrossLife Christian Academy
A celebration of Christian education and the teachers that make it possible
Sat, April 13 6:00 PM CT
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About CrossLife Christian Academy

Thank you for considering a donation to CrossLife Christian Academy!

At CrossLife Christian Academy we partner with families to develop courageous disciple leaders of Jesus who possess the faith, knowledge, skill and character to impact the world.

As a fast growing community, Pflugerville, TX is struggling to keep pace in providing private, Christian education. CrossLife is meeting that challenge, and seeking to excel as a startup private school developing students academically, emotionally, and spiritually, while equipping them to grow into their God-given purpose.

Hear directly about the impact CrossLife is having on pre-school and elementary students and their families:

Your donation will directly impact the hearts and minds of our students and continue to allow the school to provide a sustainable, long-term, Pflugerville-based Christian school to develop future disciple-leaders.

Where Does Your Donation Go?
  • Expansion of the school to more grades as we add one elementary school grade per year with intent to grow into middle school as well.
  • Expansion to serve more students and get the word out through admissions and marketing programs
  • Expansion of accessibility for families by supporting the needs-based financial aid program


Support Growth

$2,500Support a Student in Need!

Supporting Growth: Expansion of accessibility for every family – fund financial aid!


A key component of CrossLife Christian Academy aim to grow is the expansion of accessibility for every family by continuing to fund a robust financial aid program. Your gift of $2,500 ensuring that one or more students will gain access to Christian education that would not otherwise been able to attend.

$1,000Reach More Families!

Supporting Growth: Expansion to serve more students – increased outreach!


A key component of CrossLife Christian Academy aim to grow is to get the word out through admissions and marketing programs. This gift will fund a month worth of outreach through digital marketing to connect with more families seeking private, Christian education and help introduce them to CrossLife.

$500Open a New Classroom!

Supporting Growth: Expansion of the school to more grades – new classroom!


A key component of CrossLife Christian Academy aim to grow is to open a new classroom next year for 3&4th grade to continue the expansion towards 5th grade and beyond. This gift will help support the new teacher's setup of the classroom with furniture/desks and stocking initial classroom materials.




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