About Trotter House Lindale



Supporting Lindale, Texas


Trotter House Lindale is a pregnancy and family resource center, offering specialized programs and services to assist women and their families who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy or difficult life situation. 


Services offered to our clients:


  1. Confirmation pregnancy testing
  2. Limited sonograms to confirm pregnancy
  3. Life Skills to empower our clients to finish education and obtain careers that will sustain them and their
  4. Baby Boutique (clothing, formula, diapers, etc.)
  5. Healthcare and community referrals
  6. Professional Counseling Referrals
  7. Adoption Referrals
  8. Abortion Recovery Program


These activities are all essential elements of our life-affirming mission.




Trotter House Lindale Judy Sublette thlindale@gmail.com Lindale, TX (430) 235-4411 http://www.trotterhouse.org
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