Auction Details -Find Them All Here!!

Do you need childcare in order to get out for a date night and attend the auction? We've got you covered!!! From 4-9pm at Buker, we have reserved a classroom and the gymnasium! Adult supervision will be present as well as a few of our 8th graders to make sure your kiddos will leave tired! Recommended donation of $25 per child. This is only available for current St Michael students. We will provide drinks, pizza and snacks.
Heads or Tails
Welcome to our Annual and Hilarious Coin Flip Match-Up. It involves charades, Mardi-Gras Beads, and lots of laughter!! Purchase a bead necklace for only $10. Each contestant will choose heads or tails before a coin flip. The auctioneer flips a coin and announces whether the coin came up heads or tails. Those participants whose choice matches the coin flip get to stay standing. If you guessed wrong, remove a bead from your necklace. As each necklace is only $10, you can buy numerous necklaces to stay in the game. Last person standing wins the prize! THE PRIZE IS A SURPRISE BUT WORTH OVER $200!!
Phantom of the Opera Donor
Can't attend the auction on April 6th but would love a donation to benefit the awesome staff and students at St. Michael School? Here's your chance to give without attending the auction event. Thank you in advance. 
The Lion King Donor
Hoping to give the gift of an amazing education at St. Michael School & have a little more to give than the cost of an auction ticket? How about two auction tickets? Your donation is greatly appreciated!!
Aladdin Donor
LIke a magic carpet ride, you ensure that our SMS students enjoy the beautiful journey of a great education. Can't make it to the auction but still want to ensure your money goes to an amazing cause?! $200 will go a very long way and will be so very much appreciated by our SMS students/faculty.