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True Hope and Real Healing for Single Parents and their Children

1 in 4 children in the US are growing up in a single parent home. Single mothers and fathers have much higher likelihood to live in poverty, as they face incredible work/life balance issues. Single Parent Families have unique needs and issues constantly affecting their inability to overcome ruin. The emotional and financial toll on most of these families is actually helping to create an even younger population of single parents who are just children themselves.

Our Mission

Single Parent Advocate is committed to educating, equipping, and empowering Single Parent Families with resource information, practical assistance, emotional encouragement, and social networking such that those who need help get help – and those who want to help, can.


Single Parent Advocate, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization providing resource connections, growth-based training, and support for single parent families, based in Dallas Texas and the surrounding areas. Additionally Single Parent Advocate corresponds with families from all over the United States and consults non-profits, churches, and businesses on how to build a program for success in serving and engaging single parents within their respective organizations.

What we aim to solve

Single Parent Advocate works hard to establish needed services for Single Moms, Single Dads as well as their children. 1 in 3 children in North Texas are being raised in a single parent home, and most of those homes are struggling financially to find their footing. Only about 30% of the available jobs in North Texas pay enough for a single parent with two children to be self sufficient. They need our support.


Our Work

The organization hosts social functions and provides emotional and practical support during key holidays and seasons of the year including, but not limited to:

  • Valentine’s Day Safe Social
  • Mother’s Day Dinner Celebration/ Father’s Day Fun Day
  • Back-To-School Supply Drive & Distribution
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive & Distribution
  • Christmas Gift Drive & Distribution
  • Online and Mobile Correspondence


Single Parent Group Development Consulting

People often write in asking how they can begin a group in their area or within their organization.
Single Parent Advocate would like to help with this and consult.  Eventually, we would like to offer chapters as well. 


Education & Professional Development Scholarships for Single Parents

Single Parent Advocate provides funding periodically to Nominated Parents actively enrolled in University, or, Professionally required continuing educational program. This is usually a program that runs adjacent to our Safe Social Back to School Outreach in August.


Quotes from our supporters:

"I love this group. The work they do to help single parents is unparalleled! I just wish I had found them sooner!" - Karen (Volunteer)


Single Parent Advocate is a tax-exempt public charity (federal tax ID #27-2308779). All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.


Fundraising Events

Life Changer Celebrity Golf Classic

Volunteer Recognition Dinner and Gala 




Giving Options

$400 Holiday Help for a Single Family

Single Parents want to provide a bright holiday for their children, but are often faced with very difficult choices regarding finances and budgeting.  They have to make the decision to pay for rent, food, utilities, car payments, and other typical living expenses, leaving them without the ability to provide holiday gifts for their children.

This is a devastating place for a parent to be, and regardless of their child's understanding, it can be very damaging to self-worth.

That is where we step in as real Life Changers and give relief.  Nominated Families are provided a meal, and gifts to help the holiday season be brighter. 


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$250 Back Pack & School Supply Help

Back to School season is daunting for a Single Parent Family.   Increased expenses for food while children are at home alongside increased prices for utilities, transportation, childcare, and other such items take up most of their budget.  This is why we reach out with Hands On Help with School Supplies, and other items so that the family can keep moving forward with what they need to have for their children's education.

$250.00 fills multiple backpacks and provides other items as well from our partners in service.   

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$100 Thanksgiving Blessings

Single Parent Families often don't have the extra funds to support a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and often, could also use a little extra support in the pantry during the time when students are out of school on break.  Single Parent Advocate's Life Changers join forces to provide turkey, canned goods,and pantry items to make a difference.  Families are always so thankful for this support.

$100.00 provides a turkey, fixings, and some extra pantry items for a single parent and up to 3 of their children.

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$50 Parent Recognitions

Single Parent's often have a tough time during Mother's Day and Father's Day, so we make every effort to help them and their children celebrate.   We provide crafts and gifts for the children to share with their parent, and often create a fun event for them to share so they do not have to be home alone.   This is very empowering for both children and their moms and dads.  

$50.00 helps us to provide a meal, crafts and gifts on Parent's days.  

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Free Choose Your Gift

Many supporters of single families prefer to designate what they can afford to donate, so we honor that preference.   No matter what you give to help a family...YOU ARE A LIFE CHANGER!

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Nonprofit Organization Donations Tax Deductible