Create Possibilities with SAEP



“When we were young, we were told about going to college, and all the opportunities there are. Hearing those things seemed unobtainable. But having someone talk to you, or mentor you, can show you what is possible. When you are a first-generation student, you need someone to be there in your corner. Someone who’s been through it before, that you can look to for help....  San Antonio Education Partnership is caring and giving and important to our community."

With your help, there is so much more we can do.

If you are thinking about how best you can support SAEP, please make a contribution today.

Your gift can forever change a life trajectory, by creating opportunities, access, and success through college and beyond.

Create Possibilities

$50 Create Possibilities

$50 supports one student for one advising session.

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$100 Create Possibilities

$100 supports the guidance of one student as they explore their career pathway.

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$200 Create Possibilities

$200 supports the assistance of one student through the entire college admissions process.

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$500 Create Possibilities

$500 supports a college readiness workshop for a group of low income high school students.

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$1,000 Sponsor a Student

$1,000 supports one student for a year of college advising plus a scholarship for their first year of college.

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