Let the Bidding Wars Begin! Using Consignment to Boost Your Auction Catalog, BetterUnite. EDU



Find out more about consignment

Just because auctions are a great way to fundraise doesn’t mean that building an exciting catalog for your donors is easy. That’s where charity consignment can be a life-saver! Kelly Bukolt and Sandy Hilsenrath of CharityACE will take you through the charity consignment process and help answer these questions.
- What is charity consignment?
- Does it make sense for me?
- There are SO MANY consignment providers out there, how do we choose?
- Which packages will raise the most for our mission? Strategically choosing packages that will not only resonate with your audience but generate the best ROI for your mission.
- Is it really risk free?
- How do you sell multiples?

-Current trends - what’s popular now?