2 Emails + 30 Days = 1 New Corporate Partner



When it comes to attracting corporate sponsors, is your nonprofit being selfish?
  • If you're spending a lot of time finding and contacting companies only to get very few replies . . . 
  • Or putting a lot of energy into really well-designed sponsorship packages that your ideal companies aren't looking at . . . 
  • Or filling out complex RFPs from companies with big corporate giving programs and never hearing back . . . 
Maybe your approach isn't getting a response because it's ineffective!
What if we stopped asking companies to help us and instead started asking:
How we can help you?
What if you said, 
"We'd like to help your company get more positive attention in the world."
Which of your target partners would say no to that?
If you want to attract new companies to partner with your nonprofit in 2024, using a process that takes just a couple of emails and has a 30% or higher success rate, join our webinar!
In it you'll learn a 3-step process to get a new corporate partner in the next 30 days.


About the Presenter: Chris Barlow, Founder of Beeline

As Founder and Customer Happiness Director of Beeline, Chris is thankful to get to help nonprofits grow their mission and donor base through digital marketing, specifically Google Grant, Bing, and Facebook ads.Most of all, he's thankful to be the dad to seven kids, and to help them learn to live generously.


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