Amazing Ad Grant "Magic": How to Make the Most of Google & Bing's Ad Grant Programs for Your Organization



Always wondered if the Google or Bing Ad Grant programs could help your nonprofit?
Or have you, like many orgs, tried the Ad Grant and gotten nowhere?

Watching this recorded webinar, you will learn how to achieve amazing results from the Ad Grant programs, including gaining thousands of new visitors, hundreds of new email subscribers, and even dozens of new donors.

Here's a few things you'll learn:
Realistic expectations for what these programs are and can do for your org
One primary, meaningful, achievable goal to set
Strategies to reach that goal (and others)
Should you use them to get donations? If yes, how?
Furthermore, we'll provide a free eBook on how to get new donors through these ad grant programs, so you can take what you learn and implement it.

As Founder and Customer Happiness Director of Beeline, Chris Barlow is grateful to help nonprofits use digital marketing to multiply the reach of their mission and the growth of their donors. Most of all, he's grateful to be the dad to seven kids, and to try to teach them how to live in a way that multiplies good in others.