Radical Self-Care for Nonprofit People (or anyone, really)


Nonprofit employees and volunteers have unique stressors. Multiple bosses (board members in addition to executive staff), many interns and volunteers to manage, and high-intensity fundraising events and deadlines combine to create a pressure-cooker situation for even the most seasoned executive. 


Radical Self Care is the answer. 




Leya Simmons is CEO and co-founder of BetterUnite, a current board member for several organizations and a trauma-informed yoga and meditation teacher.

Julie McElrath, MSSW, is the President and Chief Cause Officer of the CLEAN Cause Foundation, also a board member for several organizations, and a master's level social worker.

Leya and Julie presented the reasons for their call to the nonprofit industry to bake in self-care to job opportunities and openings. They will also provide ideas for on-the-go meditation, yoga and breath-work and some accessible tech solutions that can support nonprofit people in all ways.


Read our Blog Article for links to self-care tools mentioned in the webinar