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Horses and Heroes Inc
The farm that we love and have leased since 2016 is for sale as of March 23. We have 60 days to raise funds to have a down payment to buy property. Every little bit helps, thanks!
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Horses and Heroes Inc
Our team of rescued horses play a vital roll in providing services to our Nation's Military and first responders. They all have their own stories of abuse, neglect and trauma.
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Horses and Heroes Inc
They need not suffer for the vital work they do. Every donation goes towards helping them through our ONE MISSION ONE TEAM FUND
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Horses and Heroes Inc
They need not suffer for the vital work they do. All donations go towards helping a fire fighter through our Fire Proof Fund.
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Horses and Heroes Inc
They need not suffer for the vital work they do. All donations will go to help a police officer through our TO PROTECT AND SERVE FUND
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Horses and Heroes Inc
Make a difference in the life of your favorite military family member or friend. Every donation goes towards helping them through our 12-week NO MAN LEFT BEHIND FUND
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Thu, October 10 5:30 PM CT
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Horses and Heroes Inc
Love horses or love working outdoors? We have several opportunities for new volunteers: horse care grounds-keeper general handy-man Need community Hours? reach out today!

About Horses and Heroes Inc


We use horses to bring healing and new beginnings to members of the armed forces, first responders, their families, and others affected by trauma. We embrace teamwork that restores trust and a safe place for wounded spirits to find peace. Horses & Heroes offers unique therapies to provide effective solutions for individuals, couples, families and communities.

Horses & Heroes began its mission in Feb 2015 because we recognize the need for alternatives to mental health programs.  Members of our military ,first responders and their families face the crippling affects of chronic stress, RET (Repeated Exposure Trauma), and medical separation from their jobs and units. The negative ripple effect shows up as increased: substance abuse, divorce rates, unemployment, and suicides.

Our program embraces science-based solutions that are proven to be effective, specifically for those affected by trauma. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is utilized worldwide as an experiential therapy that draws out hidden fears and beliefs which leads to faster breakthroughs. Our program uniquely offers an opportunity for clients to regain trust, in themselves and others.

We rely on the generocity of private donors and our community to thrive. Please add us to your monthly giving!

Here are a few videos with testimonies and why we do what we do






Meet our Team!


Rachel Willoughby-Greene, M.S., LPC

 Rachel Willoughby Greene is an LPC-Licensed Professional Counselor in Kansas & Missouri.  She received her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Avila University.  She currently counsels a variety of children, adolescents, and adults, and is experienced working with trauma, grief, anxiety and mood disorders, ADHD, and spirituality.  Rachel uses multiple techniques catered to the needs of the individual, but always approaches clients with acceptance, compassion, and belief in their ability to change and live their fullest potential.  Rachel has a lifelong passion for horses and was always aware of the valuable lessons they can teach us.  When she saw Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) in action in Oklahoma, she became passionate about its efficacy in the therapeutic process.  Rachel believes EAP can help individuals increase awareness and insight aided by the horses natural ability to decrease defenses.  

Lisa Bodenhausen, Event Coordinator
   Lisa is a 3rd generation business owner.  She and her husband, Brian, have built several successful businesses over the past 30 plus years, while raising 4 great kids.  Lisa owns HatsOff! Travel & Concierge, a full-service travel agency and concierge service company specializing in honeymoons, family vacations and memory making fun! Another specialty are events, especially those with an element of surprise, ie. Parties, proposals and “honor/gratitude events”.  Because of her extensive network and her shy personality (NOT), Lisa is taking Horses & Heroes into the surrounding communities, conducting tours in order to bring awareness to the life changing H&H mission and purpose.
After the loss of their oldest son, Drew, Lisa understands all too well, that when your life is shattered, nothing is ever the same again.  With a lifelong love of horses (At age 6, her first was a “sort of white” Shetland pony named Sheepy, that she quickly renamed to SKYROCKET) and a determination to make a difference, Horses and Heroes and EAGALA became the perfect fit.
If Lisa’s not spending time with Brian, reading on their deck or hanging out with the horses, you’ll probably find her watching a Hallmark Movie! 

Brandon Haddock, BS, ES

  Brandon is a successful electrical engineer in Kansas City.  He grew up west of the continental divide in Granby, Colorado.  Graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1998, and went to work building power plants across America.  At Horses & Heroes Brandon hopes to give back to those who have given so much! 
Brandon is an EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist.

Julie Baker, BA, ES, Executive Director

  Julie is the founder of Horses & Heroes Inc. She graduated from MidAmerica Nazareen University with a BA in Business Management spent fourteen years as a military spouse and is the mother of two Marine Corps veterans. 
Julie is a certified Equine Specialist through EAGALA and is pursuing an advanced certification as we well as the EAGALA Military Designation.

Nicole LaVine, BA, Marketing Director

  Nicole is the Director of Marketing and our photographer. She is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and owner of Half moon Photography. In her spare time, she is a thrill-seeking travel agent who loves to travel, jump out of airplanes, and cook. She graduated from MidAmerica Nazarene University with a BA degree in Corporate Communication.

Shannon Danley, Compliance Director

 Shannon is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and is currently undergoing training to offer therapeutic 
massage as a means of helping people recover from traumatic events. She is a dedicated mom of three vivacious kids, and has an talent for organization and details. Shannon can't stand the feeling of crushed velvet.

Meet our Horse Team!

 Mama was rescued from severe neglect. She was starving, muddy and pregnant. It took Mama a long time to learn to trust humans again. 

 Baby is Mama's baby. She is the perfect sensative soul many are drawn to in our sessions

 Tango was a show jumper in his former career. He experienced a severe accident which left him unable to jump. He had never spent time in a herd, so his lesson on how to be a horse has taught him to stand up for himself

 Flirt was donated by her owner because her arthririts caused her to be lame. Since we are a ground-based program, Flirt found a new job as one of our best therapy horses

 Henry is our traveling ambassador. He eargerly visits people in nursing homes, homeless shelters, hospitals and will ride up elevators to meet those bedside and in wheelchairs. other mini horses we have are in training.

These are our therapy-minis in training





Board Members
Jay Peters, M.S.,D.MIN, Mental Health Advisor

Julie Graves, Attorney, Legal Advisor

Angie Ross, Committe Chair




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