Hawaiian Quilt Prize Drawing
A California King Size Hawaiian Quilt with Two Shams in the very special Kāhili and Fan design. Signifying the arrival of royalty, kāhili were often held in the front and back of processions of the aliʻi. Traditionally, the hulu (feather) of a kāhili were untwined, each part being properly stored until its' next use. Serving as symbols of royalty, many kāhili can be found at the places of aliʻi, such as Huliheʻe Palace or Hānaiakamalama. The pattern of this quilt is in navy blue on off-white, hand quilted with an applique and then echo stitched by master quilters each with many years of quilting experience and a love of quilting. Kenui Quilts has been quilting for more than 29 years, bringing the best in Hawaiian Quilting. Master crafts-women take the time to ensure each quilt is handmade to be the most beautiful Hawaiian Quilt possible.
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