Give the Gift of Sobriety

Dallas 24 Hour Club relies on private donations to continue our mission of helping homeless alcoholics and addicts and there are a variety of ways to give: individual giving, corporate giving, commemorative giving, monthly giving, and planned giving. 



Dallas 24 Hour Club provides transitional living, support services and essential life skills for homeless alcoholics and addicts, so they can embrace long-term sobriety and become contributing and self-supporting members of the community.





Every year over 600 individuals get off the streets, find employment, reconnect with family members, learn to live independently and most importantly, recover from alcohol and drug addiction.


Transitional Living: The 24's 6-month program provides safe, sober living for Residents while they are getting back on their feet. Within the first 30 days, each Resident is required to find a Sponsor, begin working the 12-Steps, and become fully employed.


Meals and Care: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for Residents for the first 30 days. All toiletries and linens are provided throughout their entire stay.


Structure and Accountability: Rules and guidelines are in place at The 24 to help the Residents transition into independent living. All Residents have daily chores and responsibilities to maintain their home at The 24.


12-Step Meetings: 37 12-Step Meetings are hosted by the Ross Avenue Group on property each weekly. The public are welcome to attend.


Education: Dallas College's WorkReadyU program offers a no-cost adult education program for The 24's Residents so they can learn the skills needed for college or career success. Residents can choose from a long list of classes, including Welding, Culinary, Hotel Hospitality and more.


Life Skills: Launched in 2022, the Stuart Bright Life Skills Program: A Brighter Life! offers Residents, alumni, and members of the public the opportunity to build strong life skills through robust monthly in-person and online classes.


Giving Options


Purchases 2 weeks’ worth of DART Bus Passes for new Residents, so they can travel to seek employment or get to and from work. The #3 DART Bus Stop is located right in front of Dallas 24 Hour Club making it easy for Residents to use public transportation.

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Allows Dallas 24 Hour Club to keep up-to-date technology like tablets and computers for Residents to search for jobs, research companies, check email, and complete class work from Texas Tech University or Dallas College.

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Takes care of expenses (food, decorations) for Holiday events like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Labor Day Weekend, etc. for Residents who have lost connections with family members and have nowhere to celebrate. Hosting Holiday events helps create a family-like environment at Dallas 24 Hour Club which provides fellowship and a community for the Residents.

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Provides Big Books (200) which are distributed to every new intake so they can begin their journey of recovery.

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Covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all Phase 1 Residents for 1 month. While our new intakes are in Phase 1, they are seeking employment and working diligently to get back on their feet. We provide all meals for the first 30 days, so these Residents can concentrate on their Recovery and getting a job without the stress of trying to pay for food.

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Pays for all Drug Testing Supplies for 1 year. Scheduled and random drug tests are performed nightly and as needed to Phase 1 and Phase 2 Residents. Phase 1 Residents are breathalyzed nightly in addition to the scheduled and random drug testings.

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