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Claire's Edible Cookie Dough CC4C
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Safe and Delicious Edible Cookie Dough for CC4C

Claire's Edible Cookie Dough




Hi! I'm Claire, and I am selling edible cookie dough to support CC4C.

To order: donate any amount (minimum of $5 for 3 bites) on this page, then place an order here


My name is Claire Bethke and I am a junior at Lake Travis High School (Class of 2025). I am honored to be a CC4C Teen Advocate and part of their mission. Cheyanna's Champions 4 Children (CC4C) is a nonprofit organization that enhances the quality of life for children and families in Texas with rare and undiagnosed conditions. This is my first year being a part of CC4C, and I am so excited to join my friends and loved ones who have been a part of the organization for years. To learn more about CC4C, visit this link (about page). To hear stories of the children you are helping, visit this link (CC4C children)

In order to advocate for these children, I am selling edible cookie dough. It is completely safe to eat; the cookie dough doesn't contain eggs and the flour effectively is heat-treated. Made with premium ingredients at home, soft cookie dough satisfies late-night cravings without the guilt or anxiety of getting sick. Eat it straight from the box, mix it into ice cream, or add it to other tasty treats. Most importantly, savor every bite knowing you made an impact on a child's life. 

Cookie Dough Bites are packaged in sets of 3.

To order in bulk or in a different form than the squares shown, fill out the last section of the order form.

Bites are $5 for a set of 3, and additional donations to my campaign are greatly appreciated. Donate to this page and then fill out the google form!

All cookie dough will be made and delivered over the weekend. Please place orders at any time during the week and they will be filled the following weekend.

Place an Order (google form)

Three Flavors Available:

1. Chocolate Chip

2. Peanut Butter (with Reese's)

3. Confetti

Place an Order (google form)




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