Change The Future Champions



When you sign up to give a monthly gift to ACTS of Love, you are doing more than just donating money...

you are changing the future for teen-parent families!

ACTS of Love was created for the teen-parent families in our community, and we need our community's support as we continue to serve them. By becoming a "Change The Future Champion", you are committing to give a regular monetary gift to ACTS of Love. Your gift will help fund our program's daily needs and allow us to plan for the future. As the staff and volunteers at ACTS of Love work diligently to change the future for teen-parent families, we want to share those successes with you every step of the way. Our "Change The Future Champions" will receive regular communication from our center, including program updates and other ways you can be involved. We may even send you some precious artwork from our infants and toddlers or a thank you note from some of the teen-parents we serve.

Thank you for being a Champion!


"ACTS of Love has given me the opportunity to maintain a normal high school life. I am in 5 clubs and am able to stay actively involved in school. I'm excited to go on to Texas A&M and that wouldn't have been possible without the amazing ACTS of Love staff and donors."

- Maddie (pictured above with her son, Dylan)


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Background photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash